Pastoral Care

Photo of Pastoral Care Committee members taken during their commissioning ceremony at UUSD on Sunday, February 26. (l to r): Mary Quigley, Sue O’Brien, Joanne Saltzberg, Charles Bittner, Allan Cairncross, Dan Acker, and Michele Cavanaugh – Committee Chair. Not included in the photo are Carol Huckabee and Gail Hecky. Photo courtesy of Richard Wheeler.

Life can be very challenging and at times, particular problems and life issues may leave one feeling isolated, alone, or confused, and in need of a caring listener.

The Pastoral Care Team is available to offer a wide range of support services to UUSD members who are dealing with any difficult situation by offering a caring presence, careful listening, emotional and spiritual support, and hope during challenging times. Our minister and volunteers work together to offer a loving community and an atmosphere of hope and acceptance for those who are in need.

Pastoral Care Committee members are devoted to maintaining a supportive, committed, ongoing relationship with each member of the congregation. The foundation of this commitment is ensuring the confidentiality of information shared in one to one meetings. Maintaining a member’s privacy and confidentiality helps to build trust and openness and is a vitally important principle of Pastoral Care. It is also an example of the UU Principle of respecting the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.

Information shared by a member with a pastoral care associate is only disclosed to another person if the member wants it to be shared. If we feel that there’s something that needs to be shared with another person, it will be discussed in a private meeting with the person who shared it.

The Pastoral Care Team is committed to creating a safe, trusting, and ethical environment for UUSD members through nonjudgmental and caring communication that will be kept private and confidential.

A copy of the Pastoral Care Brochure (pdf) is available.

For the May 15, 2022 Sunday service, the Thoughtful Endings Planning Document that is referenced by Rev. Heather is available here:

Pastoral Care Chair:
Michele Cavanaugh

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Rev. Heather Rion Starr