Ever have a question about UUSD and just don’t know who to ask or where to find the answer? You are not alone! UUSD’s Communications Committee developed a list of questions and answers, How do I…at UUSD? (FAQs). These FAQs can be accessed from four different places on the front page (Home) of the website:

1. Front page–click on the About tab and choose How do I…at UUSD? (FAQs) OR
2. Front page–click on the News tab and choose How do I…at UUSD? (FAQs) OR
3. Front page–click on the Community tab and choose How do I…at UUSD? (FAQs) OR
4. Front page — bottom left after Directory.

Hopefully these FAQs will be useful in helping people stay informed about the many areas of UUSD life and where they can find information on the website. In addition, here are two ways you can always navigate the website more easily:

  1. At the top of every website page, the Search button appears. Type your topic into the Search box and you should be taken to a link (or several) where the information you seek can be found.
  2. At the bottom of every website page, in the blue banner area, there is a Sitemap link which is essentially an organized list of every topic on the website.