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Coronavirus Information

UUSD Building Open — July 14, 2021

All gatherings, whether to be held indoors or outdoors, must be reserved through the the Calendar & Space Request for Activities, Classes, Events & Meetings.

Information and Resources

UUSD Hybrid Sunday Services – In Person and Livestreamed

In order to keep our members, friends, visitors, and staff safe during the COVID pandemic, our services are both in person and online. UUSD requires that only vaccinated individuals (who are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID) attend in-person services.

  • On the day of the service, please stay home and enjoy our livestream if you have a fever, any other symptoms of illness, or if it’s simply a better option for you.
  • Masks are welcome but not required, It’s important to respect personal choices.
  • Masks must be worn around the children when Children’s Faith Exploration (CFE) is in session in the gathering area. Young children still can’t be vaccinated.
  • Congregants may continue to sing and speak parts of the service.
  • Social Time will be resuming on April 10 in the Foyer with cookies and ice tea, or in the gathering area when CFE is not in session.
  • Registration is requested each week to attend the Sunday service in person. Here is the link to register for the service:

Click here for the livestreamed service: starting at 9:52 a.m.

State-of-the-Art Air Purification System at UUSD

UUSD installed a state-of-the-art filtration and circulation system in 2021 that provides a high level of indoor air purification to assure the congregation of the safest possible environment when the building is in use. UUSD’s HVAC contractor installed air purifier systems on each of our 6 air handlers throughout the building which are 99% effective on all coronavirus strains, airborne and surface. The REME-HaloLED units are the latest generation of UV-C ionization products from RGF Environmental Group, Inc., and  are particularly effective on coronavirus (including SARS-CoV-2) and also substantially eliminate varieties of bacteria, mold and other airborne contaminants.

UUSD Programs and Activities: Check the UUSD Calendar for updated information on UUSD programs and activities being held both in person and on Zoom.

For the latest health-related information regarding COVID-19, please check these reputable websites:

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Marj Shannon, ( or Michele Cavanaugh or Karin Westermann, Pastoral Care (

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