Minister: Rev. Heather Rion Starr

Director of Music Ministries: Julie Keefer,

Church Office: 302-313-5838

Office Administrator: Sandy Scheet-Robitaille,

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Information about UUSD:

Bookkeeper: Leah Ann Thompson (Direct all bookkeeping, pledge data requests, and related financial matters to Kent Sprunger, Co-Finance Officer, at

Nursery Teacher: TBD


President: Paul Barnette,

Vice President: Linda Marsden,

Co-Finance Officers: Kent Sprunger and Richard Wheeler,

Secretary: Jane Miller,

Members: Laura Borsdorf and Beth Law


Executive Team: Rev. Heather Rion Starr (Lead), Jean Charles, Linda DeFeo, Ellen Lytton, Don Peterson,

Communications: Pat Schaeffer,

Photo Team: Sue Brown & Pat Schaeffer,

Website Team: Anita Gossett, Margaret Keefe, Ronnie Smith, & Alleane Taylor, Lead,

Congregational Life: Deanna Duby,

Covenant and Affinity Groups (Ad Hoc): Bobbi Dunham,

Denominational Affairs: Mac Goekler,

Expansion Planning: Allan Cairncross,

Finance: Ron Schaeffer,

Cloud Society: Ron Schaeffer,

Pledge Campaign: Ron Schaeffer

Fundraising: Gwen Johnson,

Human Resources: Pat Murdock,

Leadership Development: Donna Davis and Ellen Loewy,

Lifespan Faith Exploration: Betty Kirk and Darlene Sellers,

Adult Faith Exploration: Betty Kirk at

Children’s Faith Exploration: Darlene Sellers at

Librarian: Joyce Fitch,

Long-Range Planning: Joanne Saltzberg,

Membership: Barbara Barnette,

Music: Dianne Conine,

Pastoral Care: Michelle Cavanaugh,

Property Management: Gary Schmidt,

AV: Dianne Conine, Jaclyn Keefer, and Gary Schmidt,

Energy Team: Allan Cairncross et al.,

Kitchen Team: Anne Pikolas,

Landscape Management: Linda DeFeo and Margaret Keefe,

Rental & Usage: Jean Charles,

   Usage Facilitator: Jean Charles,

Safer Congregation: Ruth Lamothe,

Social & Environmental Justice: Susan & Mac Goekler,

Men’s Covenant Group: Ron Schaeffer,

Worship: Jean Charles and Rick Welk,

Ushers: Tony Codella,


UUSD Website

Webmaster Administrators: Anita Gossett, Margaret Keefe, Ronnie Smith, & Alleane Taylor, Lead,

Website Content Administrator: Pat Schaeffer,


Administrator: Pat Schaeffer

Editors: Alleane Taylor


Editor at Large: Pat Schaeffer,

Copy Editors: Sue Brown, Kay Creech, Alleane Taylor

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