Leaving a Legacy

The Cloud Society

Carving with Names of Cloud Society Members

Cloud Society by Gabriel Zepecky, UUSD Member

Planned giving is a wonderful way to provide for UUSD while making sound financial plans for yourself and your family. The UUSD Cloud Society was established in 2010 as a planned legacy-giving program for UUSD. All that is required to become a member is to designate UUSD as a beneficiary in one’s will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement savings account, etc. Some members commit to a certain dollar amount; others set aside a percentage of some or all of their assets, for example, 25% of life insurance proceeds or 15% of estate assets.

The Cloud Society was originally comprised of 12 individuals and has since grown by more than 30 members. For more information about this legacy program, see our Brochure or contact Ron Schaeffer about joining.