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We would like to hear from you. Please call, write, or email us if you would like more information or if you have questions or comments. Members may access the Membership Directory/Breeze for more information.

Our Address:
Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware
30486 Lewes Georgetown Highway
Lewes, DE 19958

UUSD Office: 302-313-5838

Information about UUSD: or


Minister: Rev. Heather Rion Starr,

Director of Music Ministries: Julie Keefer,

Office Administrator: Sandy Scheet-Robitaille,

BookkeeperLeah Ann Thompson (Direct all bookkeeping, pledge data requests, and related financial matters to Kent Sprunger, Co-Finance Officer, at

Nursery Teacher: TBD


President: Paul Barnette,

Vice President: Linda Marsden,

Co-Finance Officers: Kent Sprunger, Richard Wheeler,

Secretary: Jane Miller,

Members: Laura Borsdorf, Beth Law


Audio/Visual Systems & Operations:  Dianne Conine, Jaclyn Keefer,  Gary Schmidt,

Cloud Society: Ron Schaeffer,

Communications: Pat Schaeffer,

Congregational Life: Deanna Duby,

Covenant and Affinity Groups (Ad Hoc): Bobbi Dunham,

Denominational Affairs: Mac Goekler,

Directory Updates: Please send any changes in your contact information for the Membership Directory to

Electronic Documents: Allan Cairncross, Gary Schmidt,

Energy Team: Allan Cairncross, et al.,

Executive Team: Rev. Heather Rion Starr (Lead), Jean Charles, Linda DeFeo, Ellen Lytton, Don Peterson,

Expansion Planning: Allan Cairncross, Linda DeFeo, Ron Parks,

Finance: Ron Schaeffer,

Fundraising: Gwen Johnson,

Human Resources: Pat Murdock,

Kitchen Team: Penny Dean, Jaclyn Keefer, Sue O’Brien, Anne Pikolas, Lead,

Landscape Management:  Linda DeFeo and Margaret Keefe,

Leadership Development: Donna Davis, Ellen Loewy,

Lifespan Faith Exploration: Betty Kirk, Darlene Sellers,

     Adult Programs:  Betty Kirk at

     Children’s Programs: Darlene Sellers,

     Librarian:  Joyce Fitch,

Long-Range Planning: Joanne Saltzberg,

Membership: Barbara Barnette,

Men’s Covenant Group, Ron Schaeffer,

Music: Dianne Conine,

Pastoral Care: Michele Cavanaugh,

Photo Team: Sue Brown, Pat Schaeffer,

Property Management: Gary Schmidt,

Publicity: Alice Casey,

Rental & Usage: Jean Charles,

Safer Congregation: Ruth Lamothe,

Social & Environmental Justice: Susan & Mac Goekler,

Usage Facilitator: Jean Charles,

Worship: Jean Charles and Rick Welk,

Ushers: Tony Codella


UUSD Website

     Website Administrators: Anita Gossett, Margaret Keefe, Ronnie Smith, Alleane Taylor, Lead,

     Website Content Administrator: Pat Schaeffer,


     Administrator: Pat Schaeffer,

     Editors:  Alleane Taylor


     Editor at Large: Pat Schaeffer,

     Copy Editors: Sue Brown, Kay Creech, Alleane Taylor 


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