What to Expect at a Sunday Service

The UUSD congregation seen from the back of the sanctuary with rev. heather in the pulpit

Hybrid Worship Services: 

We gather together on Sunday morning to find meaning and live more deeply. Worship creates connections within, among, and beyond us, calling us to our better selves, calling us to live with wisdom and compassion.

  • UUSD is requiring that only vaccinated individuals (who are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID) attend in-person services.
  • Please stay home and enjoy our livestream if you have a fever, any other symptoms of illness, or if it’s simply a better option for you.
  • Mask wearing is encouraged but not required.

For those who prefer to watch from home, the online service is available on the UUSD website at uussd.org/livestream each Sundaystarting at 9:55 a.m.

Children’s Faith Exploration (FE) Classes: The UUSD Lifespan Faith Exploration Committee is exploring creative ways the program can engage children and families. See  the Children’s Faith Exploration page to learn what programs are being offered.

Social Hour: Our Social Hour after the Sunday service is a great opportunity for people to mingle and chat.

Here’s what happens on Sunday mornings:

A Sunday service usually includes:

  • A quiet meditative time, including musical selections
  • Words of welcome
  • Lighting a flaming chalice, the symbol of our faith
  • Music, both instrumental and vocal, and in a variety of styles (singing by the choir or congregation is not allowed at this point)
  • A time for lifting up the joys and sorrows of the congregation
  • A meditation or prayer
  • Readings—ancient or contemporary
  • A sermon given by our professional minister, a member of the congregation, or a guest speaker
  • An offering, collecting financial donations for our congregation or for justice work in the community
  • A social hour after service where you can mingle and we can welcome you to our loving community.

Other activities that occasionally might happen during Sunday service:

We encourage you to join us for several Sunday services to get a better idea of what we believe and how we worship.