Member Resources

The Member password may be needed to access some documents on the following pages. Members may obtain the password by contacting UUSD’s Office Administrator.

Annual Meeting

At the Annual Meeting usually held in early June, the entire congregation of members meets to vote on our budget for the upcoming year; elect members of the congregation to two leadership groups: the Board of Trustees and the Leadership Development Committee; receive the Annual Report from the staff and committees, and conduct other business as needed. Occasionally we hold all member congregational meetings to address special questions that have arisen. An absentee ballot is available for those members who are not able to attend the meeting.

Board of Trustees Meeting Documents

Board meetings are held twice monthly. The planning meeting usually takes place on the second Tuesday at 10 a.m., in person. The regular business meeting is held on the fourth Wednesday at 3:30 p.m., Zoom only. The Agenda, Meeting Minutes, Financial Reports, and other documents to be addressed are available for members to review. If you wish to attend, please contact Paul Barnette, Board President, to be included in the Zoom invitation. The Agenda, Meeting Minutes, Finance Reports, and other documents to be addressed are available for members to review. Members are always welcome to attend the meetings.



Special Postings Regarding the November 2022 Next Steps Weekend with Consultant, Mark Ewert

In November 2022, UUSD hired a congregational consultant, Mark Ewert, to visit UUSD, meet with various leaders, and then submit a report following this Next Steps Weekend review process. Below are two documents related to Mark Ewert’s visit and his findings. Note: These documents are password protected; see above to get password.

A password is not needed to view the following documents.

Building Use Guidelines for Members

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