FROM THE UUSD EXECUTIVE TEAM:  The safety of our members, friends, and visitors is a primary concern for all of us. Due to increasing traffic and accidents that have occurred as people coming to UUSD travel westbound on Route 9, we recommend that you consider alternative routes to UUSD if you can.

If you would typically travel to UUSD westbound on Route 9 from Lewes, we have identified several options or adjustments you might consider:

  • From Lewes, go west on Rt. 23 (Beaver Dam Rd.), make a right onto Dairy Farm Rd., and then a right onto Route 9.
  •  If you are traveling west on Rt. 9, put on your left turn signal well in advance of arriving at UUSD’s driveway.
  • Alternatively heading west you can drive past UUSD up to Hopkins Dairy Farm, turn around in their parking lot, and then come to UUSD eastbound.

When leaving UUSD, if you need to go west, some people have found it beneficial to turn right out of the driveway, drive to the light at The Vineyards development, turn in and turn around in that development, and then head west from that point.

UUSD leadership will be investigating other ways to make arriving to UUSD a safer experience for everyone. If you have suggestions or input, or have details about past accidents, please let the Executive Team and/or the Safer Congregation Committee know. Thank you!