In Case of Inclement Weather…

The recent weather-related cancellation of worship services is another reminder that winter is upon us. The list below shows how members and friends can learn if worship services will be cancelled due to inclement weather:

  • Check the weather closings on WBOC 16: You can find the closings by viewing WBOC TV or going to the WBOC website at
  • Check the UUSD voicemail message: Call the UUSD telephone number at 302-313-5838 for a recorded message about cancellations.
  • Check the UUSD Facebook page: This page can be found at If you would like to learn how to access UUSD Facebook so you will be prepared to check on weather closings, contact Pat Schaeffer, Communications Chair, at
  • Check the UUSD Website page: This page can be found at  If you have any problems finding this information on the website, contact Alleane Taylor at
  • Check for an email from UUSD: An email will be sent to members and friends notifying them of a weather cancellation.

Weather conditions may vary throughout our area. Please don’t take any unnecessary chances. If you feel there is significant reason to question your safety while traveling on the local roads and walking outside, please stay home. Be especially careful about weather conditions if an ice storm is in progress.