Immigrant & Refugee Justice

Protest against the separation of families

People who leave their countries of origin do so for a variety of reasons. Refugees migrate out of necessity often in fear for their lives. Many immigrants migrate to create a better life for themselves and their families, also escaping political and social strife, gangs, and poverty. Our nation is stronger because of people who have migrated here and their descendants. Their migration does not change their humanity or our obligation to work for recognition of their worth and dignity.

In support of this commitment, UUSD will provide educational and other support services to immigrants, work to help refugees integrate into our area, and advocate for people fleeing oppressive regimes.

Supporting Asylum Seekers

On the 4th of July in 2018, 2019, and 2020, UUSD was a major presence at large vigils on Route 1 protesting separating families seeking asylum and imprisoning children. Members also protest violations of human rights through weekly vigils on Savannah Road in Lewes.

To increase awareness of and support for asylum seekers on both sides of the US/Mexico border, we partnered with the Asylum Seekers Project of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Milton, DE in support of the efforts of St. John’s Episcopal Church in McAllen, Texas. Through this partnership, we showed the film Immigrant Justice and donated funds through our Share the Plate in September 2020.

Supporting the Immigrant Community

UUSD’s Share the Plate Donation to La Esperanza

Check presentation to La Esperanza

UUSD’s Share the Plate Donation to La Esperanza