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Online Giving

UUSD has implemented online donations through Vanco Payment Solutions. One-time or recurring donations may be made for your pledge, the annual operating fund or capital fund, and in honor or memory of a loved one. UUSD members and friends, visitors, guests, and actually anyone, will be able to make debit/credit donations or direct ACH donations from personal bank accounts. Click the Online Giving button below to begin.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Donation Online

UUSD encourages members and friends to Create a Profile as part of the donation process, but it is not required. Before beginning, you may want to have your credit/debit card or your checking/savings account information handy.

1.    Click the “Online Giving” button.
2.    If you would like to have an ongoing profile to track your donations, you will need to click the “Create Profile” button on the right side of the screen. If not, you may skip to Step 9.
3.    Read the Privacy Notice and click the “here” links for more information. Click “Continue.”
4.    Enter and confirm your email address. Click “Continue.”
5.    Complete the profile information and create a secure password.
6.    Write down your password for future reference along with the email address you used.
7.    Click the “Create Profile” button when you are finished. (You will receive an email from Vanco confirming that you have successfully created a profile for UUSD.)
8.    Click the “Add Transaction” button.
9.    Enter the dollar amount(s) you wish to donate in one or more of the choices (Stewardship, Capital Fund, and In Honor/Memory of). Select the donation frequency using the drop-down arrow and enter dates to start and end the donation. If needed, click “Continue.”
10.  Scroll down and using the drop-down arrow, select the “Donation Frequency,” One Time, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, or Semi-Monthly.
11.  Select a “Start date,” using the calendar icon for a recurring contribution, and select an “End Date.” Click “Continue.”
12.  Click “Continue.”
13.  On the next screen, enter your personal information and choose one account type from the payment options (Credit/Debit Card,  Checking,  or Savings).
14.  Complete the donation information as requested. Please consider checking the “Optional” box to help offset the processing fee for the donation.
15.  If you have not previously saved your profile, you may do so now by clicking the Select Password button. Review the Donation Summary on the right. Click the “Edit” button to make changes.
16.  Check the “I’m not a robot” box and follow the directions.
17.  Click the “Process” button to complete your donation.
18.  The next screen shows a summary of your donation and includes a confirmation number. You may print a copy of this for your records.
19.  You will also receive an email notifying you that the process has been completed, along with the donation details.