Resolution of Conscience

At the Annual Meeting of UUSD on June 11, 2023, members of the congregation voted to approve the revision/renewal of UUSD’s Resolution of Conscience and Statement of Positions (RCSP). The document describes the social and environmental justice issues that UUSD members have identified as priorities for us as a congregation and provides examples of ways we are addressing each. The RCSP allows the minister, Board, and members to witness on behalf of the congregation about current, compelling justice issues and to mobilize action on those issues.

UUSD’s Social & Enviironmental Justice Committee uses the Resolution of Conscience to guide its work.  Going a step further, the Committee analyzed the type of social justice UUSD is doing in each issue area and identified resources and groups with whom UUSD works.  The analysis is here.  If you are aware of other activities, concerns, resources, or groups UUSD should be working with, please send a note to with your suggestions.