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Immigrant & Refugee Justice

UUSSD_Immigrant_and_Refugee_Justice_01People leave their countries of origin for many reasons: fear for their lives; to create better lives for their families; to escape political and social strife. Their migration does not change their humanity or our obligation to work for recognition of their worth and dignity. UUSD will continue to provide educational and other support services to immigrants and refugees in our area as well as advocate for people fleeing oppression.

Supporting the Immigrant Community


UUSD’s Share the Plate Donation to La Esperanza

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes — We offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in which volunteer teachers help adults master English while others provide meals and activities for the learners’ children.

Clothing Drive for Syrian Refugees — In 2016, UUSD coordinated a drive that gathered over 100 bags of clothing and linens for Syrian refugees. In spring 2017, we again gathered clothing, school supplies, and toiletries for Syrian refugees still living in temporary camps.

Pakistani Refugee Family — In 2017, we joined forces with Sussex County Refugee Resettlement Coalition and Jewish Family Services to offer support to a Pakistani refugee family settling in Delaware.