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Our congregation is an independent member of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), the central organization for the Unitarian Universalist (UU) religious movement in the United States. At the local level, we are self-governed and conduct the “business” of our church based on our Fifth Principle, “the use of the democratic process within our congregations.” Our primary governing documents include Bylaws and Policies.

Governance Documents are available to members of the congregation in the Members section of the website.


Leadership at UUSD is a shared responsibility among the minister, the directors of music and lifespan faith development, and lay leaders from the congregation. The Board of Trustees, Executive Team, Church Council, and Committees all provide direction, guidance, inspiration, management, and coordination for the congregation. Questions about leadership or the Board of Trustees may be directed to our Board President.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of seven members who are elected for two-year terms at the Annual Meeting each June. At the first Board Meeting after the Annual Meeting, the Trustees elect four Officers: President, Vice President, Finance Officer, and Secretary. The Officers serve one-year terms. The other three Board members act as Members-at-Large. The Board’s duties include policy making, long-range and strategic planning, carrying out fiduciary responsibilities, representing the congregation, and assessing the health of the congregation.

Executive Team

The Executive Team is composed of three members: our Minister and two appointed members who understand the culture of UUSD and who do not serve in any other leadership position in our community. The member appointees serve two-year terms. Duties of the Executive Team include

  • Iinitiating actions requested by the BOT
  • Sustaining current administrative systems
  • Reviewing and assessing administrative effectiveness
  • Maintaining administrative continuity
  • Interfacing with and supporting the existing committees and individuals who have administrative functions
  • Making decisions for the operation of UUSD
  • Acing as the primary adjudicator for conflicts in the operations of UUSD.

Church Council

Our Church Council is composed of the Chairs of each UUSD committee. The Council is chaired by the Board Vice President and meets at least three times a year. Members are always welcome to attend Church Council meetings.

The Council’s key duties are to:

  • Oversee congregational policy in order to coordinate and integrate the various committee activities, functions, and calendars
  • Serve as a forum to facilitate communication and collaboration among committees
  • Promote leadership training and orientation
  • Provide feedback to the Board of Trustees on important matters.


UUSD has 16 committees established by the Board to undertake the congregation’s on-going business to accomplish its Vision and Mission. There are two types of committees: Board Committees, which are created by the Board of Trustees, and permanent Standing Committees, which are authorized by the Bylaws. The Committee Charges for each Board Committee are included in an appendix of the Policy Manual.