Becoming a Member

New members who joined on December 4, 2022

As a member of UUSD, you will be part of a caring community of people who welcome you and affirm your worth and dignity. We invite you to get involved in ways that both nourish you spiritually and challenge you to give of yourself for others. We welcome you and the unique gifts you bring.

Benefits of Membership

  • Support, compassion, and friendship from a loving congregation that welcomes everyone
  • Pastoral care support in times of need
  • Being part of a dynamic community of faith and action
  • Access to diverse social and spiritual opportunities
  • Religious education for children, youth, and adults
  • Voting at congregational meetings and holding elected office

UUSSD_Becoming_a_Member_02How to Become a Member

  • Attend worship services and participate in congregational activities.
  • Build your understanding of our UU faith and UUSD by attending the “UU 101” class.
  • Consider whether UUSD is a place where you’d like to make a commitment to participate in congregational life.
  • Contact our minister, Rev. Heather Rion Starr, to discuss membership.
  • Sign our membership book to formalize your membership and take part in our New Member Welcoming Service.

Joining Means You Want to:


If you have other questions about membership, please contact our minister, Rev. Heather Rion Starr.