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Upcoming Services

October 1 — Animal Blessing:  Rev. Michelle Collins:  In honor of St. Francis of Assisi, we’ll be having an Animal Blessing Service. This service is a time when we can honor and bless the animals in our lives and reflect on how we can better learn to listen from our companion animals. If you would like to honor or remember an animal in our service that morning, please email their photo, along with their name, to uusdanimals@gmail.com by September 27 so that your furry (or feathery or finny or scaly or otherwise) one can be honored in the service. The worship service itself will feature a virtual blessing for our animals, and live animals are invited to UUSD for individual blessings by Rev. Michelle from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

October 8 — Courage Isn’t the Opposite of Fear:  Rev. Michelle Collins:  I grew up thinking that courage and bravery meant not being afraid. But instead, it’s the counter-intuitive truth that courage means acting even when we’re afraid. When have you been called to act with courage, and what fears try to get in the way? Today we’ll explore what courage might look like in our lives and in our world.

October 15 — Five Minutes of Silence: Anni Wood, UUSD Member:  Where do we find silence in the midst of the hubbub and hullabaloo of our lives? Science teaches us the value of repose; spiritual traditions teach the importance of quiescence. And here we are in the middle, struggling to balance our need for quiet with the cacophony within us and surrounding us. There is power and potential in the gentlest of words … hush. Let us be still.

October 22 — The Art of Failing:  Rev. Michelle Collins:  Ever fallen down? Like on your face, in the dirt, grass stains on your pants, hoping nobody noticed, either metaphorically or literally? The acts of falling and failing are an art, and getting back up is as well. What does it take to fall well, and what does it take to get back up, rising stronger than before? Let’s think on these today.

October 29:  Rev. Michelle Collins and Len Bowman, UUSD Member:  Something important happened 500 years ago. Come and find out more about it, and what it means for us today!

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