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Upcoming Services

We gather together on Sunday morning to find meaning and live more deeply. Worship creates connections within, among, and beyond us, calling us to our better selves, calling us to live with wisdom and compassion. Most of our Sunday services are lead by our professional minister, Rev. Michelle Collins. Occasionally we offer lay led services featuring members and friends who share their thoughts and life experiences. For more information, contact Minister@uussd.org.

February Services

February 25 — Responding to the Call — UUSD Social & Environmental Justice Committee: Four UUSD members will share why they felt called to work on one of the major social justice issues in the congregation’s Resolution of Conscience adopted in June 2017. John Sykes’ call was to environmental justice; Tara Shelton’s to gender justice; Betty Kirk’s to immigrants’ rights; and Don Peterson’s to racial justice. Vicki Nichols will provide the context for ways of engaging in justice work. Worshippers will have a chance to reflect on their opportunities for making the world a better place.

March Services

March 4: Push and Pull — Rev. Michelle Collins: It’s always exciting to look at the future and imagine where we might be able to go. But as much as our congregation is pushing into our future, there are also things holding us back. What’s propelling us forward, and what might be keeping us from going there?  As we kick off our stewardship campaign today, we’ll spend some time dreaming on these.

March 11: What is Hell? Rev. Roberta Finkelstein, Developmental Minister, First Unitarian Church of Wilmington:  Unitarian Universalists, for the most part, don’t believe in hell. What about hell on earth? Rev. Roberta will draw on humanist psychology and neurobiology to muse about how we humans understand our place in the larger scheme of things during this challenging time in our nation’s history. This morning, Rev. Michelle and Rev. Roberta are doing an “old school” pulpit swap.  While Rev. Roberta is here at UUSD, Rev. Michelle will be filling her pulpit in Wilmington.

March 18: Reflections of UUSD — Jean Charles, UUSD Stewardship Chair: There are many ways to be a good steward. Our gifts of time, talent, and treasure to this beloved congregation are reflections of what we value, appreciate, and want to support and preserve. We take time at this worship service to reflect on what UUSD has given to us, and the many ways that we are grateful for its importance in our lives.

March 25: Tech, Tech, Everywhere — Rev. Michelle Collins: Technology and devices have invaded nearly every aspect of our lives and our society. How is it changing us and how we relate to one another?  How are we different because of our tech?  We’ll explore these today.

Past Services