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Music and Choir

UUSSD_Music_and_Choir_01The choir is open to all who want to share their voices.

Music during Sunday Services

  • On most Sundays, the congregation sings hymns and the choir performs, directed by Dr. Marcelle Schiff.
  • Sometimes the children from our Religious Education program sing with the choir.
  • Occasionally other members share their musical talents during a Sunday worship service.

Join the choir

  • The choir is open to anyone who loves music and wants to share their voice.
  • We are a fun-loving group who enjoy adding the gift of music in support of the weekly Sunday service message.
  • There are no auditions and no requirement that you read music.
  • Choir rehearsals are held most Sundays from 8:30-9:40 a.m. in the sanctuary.
  • Contact Dr. Schiff for more information or just come to a Sunday rehearsal.

A Message from Dr. Schiff

How wonderful it is for me to be part of the UUSD community. My hopes for music at UUSD grow from my deep belief that I am here to help you explore ways to make music more powerful within the service, the community, and hopefully within each of you. Continued

Other Music Events

  • Our annual Music Sunday is a service where a variety of music is presented by the choir, woven together by a spiritual theme.
  • We host events featuring a variety of musical performers, both vocal and instrumental.
  • The annual Sock Hop is a fun night of dining and dancing to the “oldies.” (Poodle skirt optional…)