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Our Green Team

Join the Green TeamOur Seventh UU Principle encourages us to have, “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” In keeping with that concept, the UUSD Social and Environmental Justice Committee has formed a Green Team to oversee our congregation’s environmental justice work.

Over the coming months, the Green Team will engage the whole congregation in several projects that will help energize our focus on this work. Given the current state of our environment and our commitment to UU principles, we feel a moral and ethical imperative to be leaders in our area in the work to embody environmentally responsible and just practices and to improve the condition of our planet.

UUSD has a strong history of commitment to environmental justice. In 2011, UUSD completed a three-year project to fulfill the requirements of the UUA Green Sanctuary Congregation program. We were then accredited by the UUA as an official Green Sanctuary. In the intervening years, UUSD has continued its commitment to environmental stewardship in the following significant ways:

  • We built an intentionally environmentally friendly, net zero energy building.
  • We added 103 solar panels to our roof.
  • We joined the DE Interfaith Power and Light organization (the first church in Delaware to do so).

This is very important work. Please think about joining us and do your part to save our environment for coming generations. Contact our Green Team for more information about our team and to find out how you can help.

Scenes from our Green Team Fair

Climate Change Resources Motion to electricity machine Group at Green Team Display