February 2018 Newsletter Highlights

The February Newsletter is available on the website. Here are the Highlights.   

REV. MICHELLE AND JOURNEYING TOGETHER:  In this month’s column, Rev. Michelle shares her insights on the theme of chance favoring​ the prepared mind. See her insightful column on page 2.

AMBER PETERSON, LIFESPAN FAITH DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR: Amber explores “Wabi Sabi” — the Japanese concept of finding beauty in imperfection. She discusses her lessons on this topic with the Elementary and Middle School Group. See her column starting on page 2.

FROM THE BOARD PRESIDENT: Gary Colangelo, UUSD Board President, shares a fascinating personal story about meeting Malcolm X on a bus in Washington D.C. in 1964.  See his column on page 3.   Also, don’t miss the highlights from the January Board Meeting on page 4.

WHAT’S ALL THIS ABOUT THE PENTAGON PAPERS?  Ron Schaeffer shares some surprising facts about Beacon Press, the publishing arm of the Unitarian Universalist Association, which published a version of the Pentagon Papers and was attacked by President Nixon for doing so.  Don’t miss this fascinating story in his “Did You Know?” column starting on page 5.

COMMITTEE NEWS: The news and announcements from our Committees are on pages 6 to 10.

INFORMATION ON UUSD EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES: For more information about upcoming UUSD events, go to pages 10 — 13. Also, check listings on UUSD’s website (www.uussd.org), Church CalendarFacebook, the Order of Service, and the Community Update.

Be informed, get involved, and stay connected. Have a great February!