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Small Group Ministry

People come to a church looking for ways to broaden and deepen their spiritual growth. One of the ways we do that at UUSD is through Small Group Ministry, also called Covenant Groups. We gather to share stories, ideas, joys, and sorrows and to create a community of support and caring. In these groups, we covenant with each other to listen deeply, speak honestly, and build trust.

How Covenant Groups work

  • Each group is made up of 8-12 people who agree (covenant) to strengthen connections with each other and with our church.
  • Groups usually meet once a month to discuss spiritual growth, life experiences, and other topics of choice.
  • Group discussion helps us deepen our spiritual lives.
  • Both new and long-term members have an opportunity to be in relationship in a smaller gathering.
  • Requirements include confidentiality of discussions, upholding the UUSD Covenant of Good Relations, and a commitment to attend meetings.

Covenant Groups organized by theme

  • The Goddess Within (1st Tuesday)
  • Goddess Group (3rd Tuesday)
  • Meditation (3rd Thursday)
  • Meditation (3rd Friday)
  • Men’s Covenant Group (2nd Saturday)
  • Mosaic (4th Tuesday)
  • Newcomers (being organized, time to be determined)
  • Storycatchers Writing Group (3rd Tuesday)

Covenant Groups organized by geographical area

  • Bethany Beach
  • Coastal Delaware
  • Lewes
  • Millsboro
  • Western Sussex


Contact our Small Group Ministry Coordinator for more information about our Covenant Groups.