Participate in UUSD by joining a committee, volunteering at our events, attending activities, supporting our Transylvania Partnership Church, and coming to a one or more of our Book Discussions. Explore our Adult Education classes, teach in our Children and Youth Programs, join our Covenant Groups or our Men’s Group, or help out with hospitality or as an usher or greeter on Sundays. We invite your participation in any way that appeals to you and meets your schedule.

Volunteer Opportunities at UUSD

We Are Looking for UUSD Do-it-your-selfers.

The Property Management Committee would like to form a UUSD Maintenance Teamto assume the responsibility of doing basic repairs and upkeep for our great new facility, as the need arises. Other duties would include doing minor preventative maintenance (PM) on any equipment not covered with an outside contractor and set up routine PM programs. The Maintenance Team would also report any major problems requiring an outside contractor, rmake ecommendations for an appropriate contractor to complete the work, and follow through with them as the work is performed. Other miscellaneous tasks could include minor electrical repairs and turning the shed into an organized workspace.

Looking for a way to use your talents and help keep our Church beautiful at the same time? Contact Walt Smith or any member of the Property Management Committee at to sign up!


Volunteer Painters Needed

Now that the heat wave is starting to subside, it is time to finish the surface of the deck outside the Gathering Room. Given the size of the project, we would like to set up two teams of 3 to 4 painters. Once we form the two teams, work will start when we can project four days of clear weather to allow for the paint to dry. One team will put on the base coat and the other team will put on a second and final coat. The recommended size of each team is 3 or 4 members because of the nature and size of the project. Kneeling and bending will be required. Who would like to help? Contact Walt Smith or other members of the Property Management Committee.


Ushers Needed

The number of ushers available to help on Sundays has been reduced by injury to the lowest number in a long time. We need to add new people to the usher schedule. Being an usher is a once a month responsibility and is not complicated. Please call Chuck Herbert 301-651-3165 for further information or to volunteer. There will also be a sign-upsheet in the Gathering Room.



The Communications Team is seeking photographers,writers, editors, and those with interest in website, social media, and video presentation development to support the UUSD communications team... Please contact Pat Schaeffer at


Lifespan Faith Development

The Lifespan Faith Development Committee is seeking members to assist with teaching, parties, and/or general tasks that support the religious education programs for children and adults. The committee meets  in the RE room on the first Sunday of each month after services. Please attend a meeting or contact the Director of Lifespan Faith Development, Amber Peterson at DLFD@uussd.orgfor more information.



We are in need of someone with keyboard skills to share the Sunday service music duties with Dianne Conine, Beryl Martin, Sally Crouch and Arlen Herb on weeks when Marcie Schiff is off. Please contact Marcie at, Margaret Keefe, or Dianne Conine if you would like to volunteer your services or find out more about what is needed.


Other Committees

UUSD has more than 20 committees charged with carrying out the congregation’s on-going business, each with specific roles and responsibilities. Check the complete listing and description of all our Committees for more information.



Anyone who loves music and singing is invited to join our choir. Come to rehearsals on Sunday mornings from 8:30–9:30 a.m. and talk with our Music Director, Marcie Schiff or contact her at


Lending Library

We offer a variety of books and movies in our Lending Library. Donations are welcome. Contact Joyce Fitch at 302-684-2553.


Events & Activities

UUSD has many special events such as potluck dinners, monthly luncheons, first Friday films and discussions, an annual auction and other fundraisers. Everyone is invited to participate with family and friends and to volunteer as well. Also, our Social and Environmental Justice page highlights many activities that you may be part of and support.