Stay in Touch with your Inner Child — Get in Touch with our UU Kids

Stay in touch Lifespan sign webThe Lifespan Faith Development Committee urges you to join us and be a part of the important mission that we as adult UUSD members have. Come and help us nurture our kids and nurture the future. Help us impart our wonderful and important UU values to these kids, by supporting them, by teaching them, by having fun with them, and by modeling and reinforcing our principles and our covenant.

There are a number of possibilities for volunteering. The biggest opportunity, and the greatest need, is for teachers. This is not an overwhelming commitment. Teachers are generally only asked to teach once a month, everything is prepared for them when they arrive Sunday morning — they just need to review the lesson they are sent via email and be ready to teach (only an hour or two commitment plus the Sunday morning teaching). Even choir members can teach! Amber will work around the Choir schedule so they teach when the choir is off.

In addition, if you can’t or are not interested in teaching, there are many other opportunities to help with a one-time event, or just come and have fun with our kids working on things like a play during the service, a field trip, or a fundraising project.

Stay in touch Lifespan signup webThere are lots reasons to get involved with our program:
1. Having fun with the children and youth at UUSD
2. Getting to know them better — a wonderful experience
3. Deepening your own spiritual growth through preparing lessons, or seeing what’s happening at UUSD (and the world, for that matter) through the eyes of a child
4. Doing your part to see that there are more UUs leading the world in the future
5. Contributing to our community
6. Contributing to the growth of our wonderful young UUSDers!