Amended Guidelines for Making Donations of Tangible Goods to UUSD,
Approved by UUSD Board of Trustees,
October 11, 2016

If you wish to donate tangible goods to UUSD (not in connection with a specific request for donations), you must get authorization from the appropriate person or committee to determine if the church needs or wants the item. We have a beautiful new building with very limited storage. If you have items in good working condition that you no longer want, please hold them for the annual UUSD yard sale.

Here is a list of categories of potential donations and the appropriate contact to see if the items will be accepted. Only these committees or individuals — in consultation with the Property Management Committee — have the authority to approve or accept a donation.

1. Food or kitchen items – Kitchen committee
2. Materials for our Religious Education Program – Lifespan Faith Development Director
3. Instruments or other music-related items – Music Director
4. Furniture, artwork, tools, home décor items, electronics, office supplies, Indoor plants, or any other miscellaneous item – Property Management Committee
5. Outdoor plants – Landscape Management Subcommittee of the Property Management Committee
6. Books – Librarian
7. Clothing – Social and Environmental Education Committee

Thank you for your cooperation. Your intention to help UUSD is greatly appreciated, but if the item is not something we can use right away, it creates more work for our volunteers.

UUSD Board of Trustees