History of Unitarian Universalist Partner Churches

In sixteenth-century Transylvania (now Romania), Unitarian congregations were established for the first time in history. These churches continue to preach the Unitarian message. The UU Partner Church Council was formed because of concern about Transylvanian Unitarian churches in Romania needing assistance after the fall of communism. Since the Council’s establishment, more than 190 relationships have been formed between U.S. churches and congregations in other countries, largely in Romania, India, and the Philippines.

Our Partner Church  Tordatur-Church-150x150

To support our ties with Transylvanian Unitarians, UUSD became a partner with a church in Tordatur, Romania in 2010, after UUSD members, Ceil and Tom Toth, made a visit to the Tordatur church. In 2012, the Tordatur minister, Rev. Piroska Bodor, and her husband, Marton Csette, visited UUSD for five weeks, funded by generous donations from the UUSD congregation. Eight UUSD members made a pilgrimage to Hungary and Romania in 2014, staying with members of the Tordatur church. The Toths returned to Tordatur in 2015. We continue to stay in touch with our fellow Tordatur UUs.

Our Partner Church Committee

  • Correspondences with the Tordatur minister
  • Shares information about our services and life of our congregations;
  • Develops programs for possible visits
  • Creates a dialogue to analyze the differences and similarities between us
  • Plans joint activities that can be held simultaneously in both congregations 

 Our Partner Church Visits

2015 Trip
2014 Trip
2012 Visit