Unitarian Universalists (UUs) have no church hierarchy. Each congregation sets its own policies and governance based on democratic principles. However, UUs have national and regional organizations that provide services and support. The Unitarian Universalist Associations of Congregations (UUA) is our national organization and the Joseph Priestly District (JPD) is our local organization. UUSD has also joined with eight other UU churches, known as the Unitarian Universalist Congregations of the Delmarva Peninsula to share ideas and resources to further the growth of UU membership in the entire region.

UUSD Bylaws and Board of Trustees

The UUSD Bylaws approved by the congregation, govern the operations of the church and describe the composition and functions of the Board of Trustees (BOT). The Board is the primary entity for policy making, long range planning, representing the congregation, and conducting its business. There are seven Trustees who are elected for two-year terms at the annual Congregational Meeting held in June. The Trustees elect four Officers (President, Vice President, Finance  Officer, and Recording Secretary) at the first Board Meeting after the Congregational Meeting. The Officers serve one-year terms.

Church Council

The key duties of the Church Council are to oversee congregational policy in order to coordinate and integrate the various committee activities, functions, and calendars. It serves as a forum to facilitate communication and collaboration among committees, promote leadership training and orientation, and provide feedback to the Board of Trustees on important matters. The Church Council is composed of the Chairs of all UUSD Committees. The Council is chaired by the Board Vice President and meets three times a year. Members are welcome to attend Church Council meetings.

UUSD Committees

UUSD has over 20 committees charged with the congregation’s on-going business to accomplish its vision and mission. There are two types of committees: Board Committees, created by the Board of Trustees, and permanent Standing Committees, authorized by the Bylaws. Each Board committee has its own charge and meeting schedule, recruits its members, and elects its chairs with approval by the Board

The Board Committees manage our communications, facilities, finance, education, fundraising, planning, membership, social justice programs and activities, Transylvania partnership church, worship services, and more. Members are welcome to join a committee to become involved and support our Church. To find out when a committee or group meets, check our Calendar.