Resources, Events, and Activities in Our Denomination

Unitarian Universalism (UU) congregations establish their own policies and governance based on democratic principles. However, UUs have national, regional, and local organizations that provide services and support and host many activities and events. These organizations offer a great opportunity to extend our knowledge and friendships beyond our UUSD door. They include:

Our Denominational Affairs Committee informs the congregation about important decisions and activities of the UUA, JPD, and other UU organizations and encourages active participation of UUSD members in their programs and events.

In 2011 and 2012, members of our congregation attended the annual UUA General Assemblies in Charlotte, NC and Phoenix, AZ. Their attendance not only enriched their lives, but they brought back a wealth of information and exuberance to our congregation. JPD District meetings and workshops offer us local training and information sessions.

Please visit the sites listed and browse through what interests you. You may also want to note the Bed & Breakfast Program under Travel Opportunities—a great way to get to visit our various UU congregations and enjoy seeing the country. Some of the other activities, events and resources that our UU organizations offer UUSD and all UU congregations are listed below.


Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA)

Resources and Studies:

The UUA provides information on various issues such as social justice, education, social media, publicity, best practices, grants, and more. Something for everyone!


The UUA also owns two book-publishing houses, Beacon Press and Skinner House Books:

  • Skinner House Books: Publisher of books for Unitarian Universalists—manuals, worship and church resources, and books on theology, UU history and social justice concerns.
  • Beacon Press: An independent publisher of serious non-fiction and fiction books that represent the values of Unitarian Universalism.

Many books on Unitarian Universalism are now available through Amazon. Each time you make a purchase using the Amazon link on our website, we receive a percentage of anything you buy.

UUA Annual General Assembly:

This gathering, attended by members of UU congregations worldwide, will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on June 19-23, 2013. Building on the experience of Justice GA in Phoenix last year, the UUA is seeking to create a General Assembly in 2013 that moves our Association “From Promise to Commitment.” For additional information or to register visit GA 2016.


Joseph Priestley District (JPD) of the Unitarian Universalist Association

The Joseph Priestley District includes 70 congregations in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia. It provides many resources, programs, training sessions and Webinars (short for web-based seminars, presentations or workshops transmitted over the Web), as well as specialized assistance on a host of topics. JPD holds an annual gathering of UUs from its member congregations. In 2013, the Assembly entitled Expanding Our Ministries, Building Our Future: Growing theMulticultural, Multigenerational Congregation will be held at the University of Delaware, Wilmington Campus on April 12 -15.

Central East Regional Group (CERG)

CERG (pronounced “serge”) is a consortium of four districts (Joseph Priestley, Metro New York, Ohio Meadville and St. Lawrence) that share resources, specialized staff and consultations to better serve member congregations.

Unitarian Universalist Congregations of the Delmarva Peninsula

This organization represents the UU congregations on the Delmarva Peninsula and with UUSD includes:

Travel Opportunities: Bed & Breakfast Programs

Many UU congregations participate in Bed and Breakfast Programs! UU’re Home is a bed and breakfast directory for Unitarian Universalists and other religiours liberals.

Illuminations LogoIlluminations

The exciting, mobile app from the Unitarian Universalist Association became available June 6, 2012. It includes:

  • 350 Inspirational Words, a Seven Principles Guide, the Sources of Faith, and five virtual Chalices that can be “lit” and extinguished.
  • English and Spanish versions of he Seven Principles with examples of their application.

lluminations is available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The app is free from iTunes; and a demonstration is available on You Tube. Illuminations is also available for Android devices. Visit Google Play to download and install.