Amber Peterson 



Amber grew up in Millville, Delaware, graduated from the Indian River School District and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Salisbury State University. Read more (link to the rest of this) She worked at the Salisbury Zoo as a zookeeper and zoo educator as well as holding the Education Coordinator position at Cape May County Zoo. Her duties included creating informative and engaging programs, implementing, scheduling, and teaching those programs, as well as training and supervising staff and volunteers. In 2005, Amber's first child was born, and she decided to work from home running her own business. This afforded her the opportunity to excel at working with a variety of personalities and further motivate, train, and work with volunteers, while caring for her family. With her husband Gary and their two young children, Amber is happy to have found this warm, loving community with which to share this spiritual journey.


You may be a parent looking for a safe community to share with your children, where they can question and explore their beliefs without preconceived "rules" or dogma. Or, you may be an individual looking for a way to connect to other like-minded people, to find a community to which you can belong, or to fill a spiritual void you can no longer ignore. Whatever your reason, something has led you here.

If your heart feels compassion, your mind is open, you value the Earth, and you show respect for others, even if you may not agree with them, then you may have found what you seek.

May you find what fills your heart.

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