The June 2017 Newsletter is posted.

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UUSD CALLS REV. MICHELLE COLLINS: The UUSD congregation unanimously called Rev. Michelle Collins to serve as its settled minister effective August. See the Ministerial Search article on page 8.

REV. PAULA’S MESSAGE: Rev. Paula prepares to say good-bye to UUSD after two years with UUSD as interim minister. See her message on page 2.

GARY COLANGELO, BOARD PRESIDENT: Gary explores “Where Do We Go From Here?” in his column starting on page 2.

AMBER PETERSON, LIFESPAN FAITH DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR: Amber puts out the call for summer RE teachers in her column on page 3.

MUSIC SUNDAY ON JUNE 25: Don’t miss Music Sunday — “Musical Expressions of Faith” — on June 25. See Dr. Marcelle Schiff’s column starting on page 3.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM UUSD’S MAY BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING: Board Secretary Gwen Johnson provides highlights from the Board’s last meeting. Her update starts on page 4.

UUSD ANNUAL MEETING SCHEDULED JUNE 11; INFORMATIONAL MEETING JUNE 4: Gwen Johnson provides important details on the upcoming Informational Meeting and Annual Meeting. Her article starts on page 5.

INFORMATION ON UUSD EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES: There are lots of new events and activities scheduled for May and beyond. Look for information on pages 13 — 16. Also, check listings on UUSD’s website (, Church Calendar, Facebook, the Order of Service, and the Community Update,

Be informed, get involved, and stay connected. Have a great June!

UUSD Communications Committee