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The Book Club will meet Monday, August 7 at 7 p.m/ in the gathering room at UUSD. The book to be discussed is titled Whatever Happened to Interracial Love written by Kathleen Collins. This book of short stories explores deep and far-reaching issues  — race, gender, family and sexuality. The facilitator is Linda Marsden. All are welcome. For further information contact Bobbi Dunham at 644-2207 or email  her.

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The officers elected for  2017-18 are:


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THANK YOU TO REV. PAULA: The congregation shared their gratitude to Rev. Paula for her service to UUSD as interim minister. See her message on page 2.

GARY COLANGELO, BOARD PRESIDENT: Gary explores “Where Do We Go from Here?” in his column starting on page 2.

AMBER PETERSON, LIFESPAN FAITH DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR: Amber invites everyone to join the fun at the UU Delmarva Cluster Annual Beach Day on July 15. Her column starts on page 3.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM UUSD’S JUNE BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING: Board Secretary Gwen Johnson provides highlights from the Board’s last meeting. Her update starts on page 4.

RESULTS OF UUSD’S ANNUAL MEETING:  Gwen Johnson shares the results of UUSD’s Annual Meeting on page 5. 

CEIL & TOM TOTH RECEIVE THE 2017 STEWARD OF PARTNERSHIP AWARD:  The UU Partner Church Council awarded their Steward of Partnership Award to Ceil and Tom Toth. More information starts on page 6.

INFORMATION ON UUSD EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES:  There are lots of new events and activities scheduled for May and beyond. Look for information on pages 10 — 12. Also, check listings on UUSD’s website (, Church Calendar, Facebook, the Order of Service, and the Community Update,

Be informed, get involved, and stay connected. Have a great July!


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We officially welcome Rev. Michelle Collins! At today’s Congregational Meeting, members voted unanimously to call her as our new settled minister! An amazing 126 members out of our 147 voted! Rev. Paula will complete her service as our interim minister on June 30, and Rev. Michelle will begin August 1.

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