We provide opportunities for enrichment, enjoyment, and enhancement for the spiritual and personal growth of adults. Learning for us is a life-long journey, an active, participatory process. Bring your whole self to these gatherings: your questions, your reverence, your irreverence, your creative self-expression, your humor, and your ability to deeply listen to the perspectives of others. As you can see, many of our adult education courses also reinforce this goal and our plan for Lifespan Faith Development.

Book Discussion Group

Our book discussion group meets monthly to discuss books chosen by the group members each year. The person who suggests the book facilitates the discussions. Everyone is welcome to attend our lively and fun meetings even though they are not full-time members of the book group. Simply show up and attend the book discussion of your choice. Please check the list of Book Selections for those that will be discussed this year. Contact the UUSD Book Discussion Group Coordinator, Bobbi Dunham at 302-644-2207, for additional information.

Small Group Ministries

Covenant Groups are one type of Small Group Ministries made up of 8–12 people who meet monthly with the agreement (covenant) to strengthen connections with each other and with our Church, as well as deepen our spiritual lives. The small group setting is a way for both new and long-term members to be in relationship in a smaller community. Our groups meet to discuss spiritual growth, life experiences, and other topics of choice and to share in fellowship in more depth than Sunday services can provide.

Our Covenant Groups are organized either by theme or by geographical area but you may attend any group of your choice. UUSD has nine Covenant Groups, each with a coordinator. Three more groups are scheduled to start in fall 2016, including a Milton group, Parents group, and LECTIO Divina group.

Bethany Beach: Jean Charles, 302-537-1126

Coastal: Betty Kirk, 302-645-9061

Friday Meditation: Kaz Huston, 302-945-1218

Goddess Within: Beebe Frazer, 302-645-6770 and Anni Wood, 302-549-1518

Lewes: Bobbi Dunham, 302-644-2207

Men’s Covenant Group: Paul Barnette, 610-850-2553 and Ron Schaeffer, 302-236-9618

Millsboro: Lee Summerville, 301-646-1795

Northern/Western DE:  Joyce Fitch, 302-684-2553

Parents for Humanity (parents/guardians of children who might be harassed because of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity) Brooke Pikolas

Thursday Meditation: Anni Wood, 302-549-1518

Affinity Groups are another type of Small Group Ministries made up of gatherings of people drawn together by a common interest. Currently, we have one active group and a Memoir Writing one in the planning stage.

Newcomers: TBD

First Friday Films

First Friday Films for the upcoming church year are selected annually in September. The Social Justice and Environment (SJ&E) Committee will sponsor two film offerings, one in November and the second in January. All films except the October film and the July film will be on the first Friday of the month. A potluck dinner will be held at 6:30 p.m. followed by the film at 7:00 p.m. Please check the list of Film Selections for 2017.

Men’s Group

The Men’s Group is a monthly support group, limited in size and open to UUSD male members and friends, that provides an opportunity for men to meet and discuss what is going on in their lives, share experiences, assist group members in their personal quests, and contribute to the well being of the group. Requirements include confidentiality of discussions, upholding the UUSD covenant of good relations, and a commitment to attend meetings.

Coordinators: Paul Barnette, 443-397-5269 and Ron Schaeffer, 302-644-8382